The world’s #1 antivirus software available for download

  • For defence against malicious cyber-threats in real time.
  • Norton Online Family: parental protection for children.
  • Excellent performance and low resource consumption.
  • Norton Identity Safe: stores and protects your passwords.
  • Backups effective and safe.
  • Constant update of the database.

Safe & secure for sure

Norton Antivirus constructs a protective shield on your PC with greater guarantee that it will detect threats and danger. It performs scheduled scans, but it also monitors activity in real-time in the background. If your computer is in a state of vulnerability, the program alerts you immediately and begins to take action.

Download all you want

Probably the biggest threat to security while we browse the web is in relation to downloading where we are most likely to download viruses. Mindful of this, Norton Antivirus has developed an excellent tool which safeguards you during any download. Detecting any signs of suspicious behaviour, and notifying you before it remove it.

Cleans, controls and secures

Norton Antivirus is the leader in computer security. It can perform all kinds of operations that ensure the safety of your computer and all devices. Everything is safe with Norton Antivirus.